30/30/30 Challenge


In 3 months, I’ll be headed to Tanzania for a little over 30 days. The reality of this trip is still sinking in a bit. Preparation for this trip so far has included lots of paperwork and reading.

The paperwork is not so fun (when is it ever?) but I am happy to report that my to-do list is getting smaller and smaller. I also breathed a big sigh of relief when I received my passport in the mail. Somehow I have lost 2 passports in the last 5 years or so; I was a bit nervous that the U.S. government was going to suspect I wasn’t actually losing them but was selling them to illegal citizens or forging foreign passports. But, I guess they trust that some people are just absent-minded or irresponsible at times. All I can say is, I’m glad that application process didn’t involve a face-to-face interview where I would’ve had to explain myself to someone.

AIM (Africa Inland Mission, my sending organization) gives out a recommended reading list to prepare for mission trips. I am happy to report that the reading has really been encouraging to my heart and mind. 

One book, in particular, is really changing my heart and opening my eyes. “The Live Dead Journal” has 30 days worth of quick thoughts and challenges from missionaries in East African countries. Each day it also profiles an unreached people group from these same countries. What I love about these daily devotions is that they feature some very honest thoughts from fellow believers that give me a daily practical challenge. And yet these challenges are so full of reminders of God’s grace, that I move on with my day encouraged to rely more on Jesus instead of burdened with ideas of more working harder or longer in my own strength. I also love that my perspective on the so-called “problems” of my day changes – both as I reflect on the power and beauty of the Gospel and as my heart breaks for those that have never heard it. Each devotional ends by asking you to reflect on the challenge and the unreached people group and go to God in prayer.

Another resource I am looking forward to diving into is a 30-day prayer guide for the Rangi people designed by Matthew Adams. Matthew is a member of the long-term team in Tanzania that my short-term team will be joining. The Rangi people will be who we will, together, be trying to reach with the Gospel.

I’ll be gone to Tanzania for a little over 30 days. Just today I started putting together all these 30s – 30 days gone to Tanzania, 30 day devotional, 30 day prayer guide… And I got an idea! 

Now pay attention, because I am going to need your help carrying out this idea!

What if I could get 30 people to commit to lifting up a prayer for the Rangi people during one of the days I’ll be in Tanzania? If 30 people committed to pray just one day, each of the 30 days in the prayer guide could be covered? And what if each person praying would also commit to take as little as 10 minutes each day to read through the “The Live Dead Journal” during the 30 days that I’ll be gone to Tanzania?

I would be so blessed to have 30 people who I know will be praying while I am in Tanzania. I would also be blessed to share “The Live Dead Journal” with those who agree to support my trip in prayer. I know it has blessed me – I want it to bless others!

So, here’s what I need from you: email me to let me know you (or you and your family) would like to be one of the 30. I will need your mailing address and email address. That’s it!

I will then mail you the following for you to take part in the 30/30/30 Challenge:

~ a copy of the specific requests for one day out of the “30 Days of Prayer for the Rangi” and information on which day you should pray

~ a copy of “The Live Dead Journal” – a 30-day devotional

~ information on how you can pray specifically for me during the 30+ days I’ll be in Tanzania

Would you consider taking part in this challenge?

If you would, email me at everly.nixon@gmail.com.

If you’re not sure why I’m going to Tanzania or what I’ll be doing there, check out my last blog post.


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